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Football Right Around the Corner

College Corner LogoThis is the time of year every single college sports fan is shaking in their shoes. Football begins on Thursday night, and I don’t know about you, but I am more than excited.

Jadeveon Clowney was able to unleash his inner beast that has been wanting to be let go since January for the first game of the year. I easily see Clowney being the best defensive player in the country, and the first defensive pick in the April NFL Draft. With his ferocity and will to win its almost a unanimous decision.

Not only with Clowney, but with a very large amount of All-American athletes in the SEC, the conference will dominate yet again.

Watch out for the often spotlighted Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel to shine even brighter this year and be the best offensive player in the land. After all he went through this summer, including frat parties, going hungover to camps and signing autographs for money, he is back and ready to go. Minus the first half of an almost meaningless game, of course. His multiple threat abilities will go straight over defensive coordinators heads again for a second straight year.

Team wise, obviously watch out for Alabama, like always. And Ohio State from the Big 10, back from their probation. It could possibly be yet another SEC national championship too, with Texas A&M, South Carolina and Georgia creeping up in my rankings, as well.

Finally, the last powerhorse to keep watch out for is the Pac-12. Oregon is always up there, even without Chip Kelly they will continue to win. The Ducks will be contending for the automatic BCS spot with Stanford.

As for local teams, Mizzou will be just completely average, and most likely go 7-5 or 6-6.  I do see a bowl game coming, though, as they will have adjusted to the SEC defenses.

Kansas will just be another pile of crap as they were last year.

And K-State, after losing Heisman contender QB Collin Klein, will lose some offensive power. They will drop a little bit, but not much. I see them matching about what Mizzou does this year.

I am ready for yet another exciting roller-coaster ride from what we call college football this year. Hopefully it does not disappoint.