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Sound Wave- Miley and Lorde

Sound Wave LogoI’m starting this blog about music that people are talking about and music that I like right now.

Of course what people are talking about this week is Miley’s Video Music Awards performance. From the performance I see how much she has changed and how many people are starting to dislike her. She is coming into her own personality outside of Disney but maybe a little bit too much. The way she is acting is turning people away from her music which hasn’t been bad at all, in fact I really enjoy her new song “Wrecking Ball” that she released at the beginning of this week. Something she could have done instead of what she did at the VMAs would be to do an acoustic version of “We Can’t Stop” or something else that shows her audience that she isn’t just the crazy person with a foam finger on MTV.

What I’m listening to this week is sort of the opposite of Miley. I recently started listening to music by Lorde, a sixteen-year-old from New Zealand who just hit number 5 on iTunes. She is very talented who has a lot of different styles of music influence hers. So I would recommend to anyone who reads this to check out her new single “Tennis Courts”, the video is a little weird but the song is close to perfection.