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Have the Best Labor Day Weekend Ever

Since Labor Day is meant to honor the working people of America, take a break and have some fun!  Here are a few ideas that guarantee a weekend to remember.

1.  Enjoy a day at the pool.  Most pools close after this weekend, so make sure to drop by one last time.  The weather is supposed to be nice and hot except for Sunday, which shows a chance of rain.

2.  Spend time with family.  This is a great opportunity to spend time with siblings and parents, who might have a few days off of work.

3.  Have a movie day.  Invite some friends and watch Netflix or rent a few movies.  Do not forget the popcorn!hallo

4.  Get crafty!  There are a ton of DIY (do it yourself) websites out there, including this site, that have tutorials for making clothes, furniture, etc.   Many are fairly inexpensive and easy to make.

5.  Go on an adventure.  Try going somewhere you have never been before here in Kansas City, like the zoo or the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

6.  Just relax!  This is the perfect weekend to sleep in and rest.  After all, here at South we work hard so we truly are ‘laborers!’

Have a safe, unforgettable weekend!