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Teen Titans NoTeen Titans YesTeen Titan’s Go? More like Teen Titans No, this is a train wreck waiting to happen, and I’m here to tell you why. From the very get go of this show even before you actually watch it just with the trailers and character descriptions, you can see things that have gone wrong.

One of the biggest problems is the character descriptions. What’s wrong you may ask, they changed them. They changed the character descriptions in between Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go. Why pray tell would they do such a thing? To help them fit the simplified way the shows being made.

A show where Robin is nothing but a power maniac leader, Starfire is nothing but a strange in-love-with-Robin alien, Raven is the demonic dark girl who’s never happy, Beast Boy is the dim lovable friend that does nothing but crack jokes and eat, and Cyborg is just a half man half machine who’s more worried about whats in his stomach.

Now, to those who haven’t seen much of the original Teen Titans, this may not seem bad, but to those that have, this is horrible.

First off, Robin is not power hungry, he is the strategist leader that helps solve the problems for the team. Starfire is not some obsessed with love alien, she’s a super strong alien that helps the team when they’re in a pinch. Raven is not some dark gloomy girl and thats it, she’s got a tortured past that left her that way but shows signs of happiness if you get to know her.

Beast Boy is not some constant joker, he is extremely insecure about himself and tries to use jokes to cover it up. Finally, Cyborg is no half man half machine obsessed with food, he may enjoy it, but most the time his real worry is whether people see him still as human or not.

Now, if that still hasn’t convinced you, just watch and compare them, and trust me, you’ll see why this show should be a no go.

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  1. This is very well written, dispite the fact that I am APPALLED THAT YOU WOULD HAVE SUCH AN OPINION ABOUT MY MOST FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WORLD. #rude

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