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Bobobo bo.. wait how many bos are there?

Bobobo Bo-Bo BoboTodays review, a rather… comedic anime, about a man that fights with nose hairs. Yes, you heard me right, nose hairs.

This mans name is Bobobo Bo-Bo Bobo, and he uses the style known as the Fist of the Nose hair, to take down the evil government and their elite group of bald soldiers known as the Hair Hunt Troop. Bobobo joins up with others such as Beauty and Papa Rocks.

Through wacky shenanigans, some unseen ways of fighting, and even using nose hair, they fight the Hair Hunt Troop. With 76 episodes, this series of comedy, crazy antics, and all around insanity is sure to give you a laugh and a good time. Its history of appearances include Toonami, a popular section of Cartoon Network.

Possibly one of the funniest parts about the show, is that for the english translations they had to change jokes around to make since, and even acknowledge that they’re in a tv show at times.

From fighting with nose hair to singing karaoke with a main enemy, Bobobo Bo-Bo Bobo is a show filled with hilarity that all can enjoy so if you ever have a chance, take a moment to watch this crazy show.