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Are You Smarter than an NFL Player?

nfl draft Imagine you’re a star college athlete.  There are many things you must do between your last football game and draft day.  You work out at the combine, hold a pro day to show off your skills, and sit down with representatives from almost every team and get interviewed. But one task is one many people wouldn’t expect: a standardized test.

The Wonderlic Test is the NFL’s “entrance exam”. The test is 50 questions, dealing with math, grammar, and other subjects. The catch is that it must be completed in 12 minutes or less.

This test doesn’t really show how well an athlete will play. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick got a 48 out of 50, and he is not very good although he went to Harvard. CB Morris Claibourne got a 4 out of 50, and has shown that he has the potential to be a great player after just one season.

I tried the test for myself. I got a 34, which is slightly above average. If you want to try for yourself, click on the link below and see where you stack up against NFL players. You may not be a better player than them, but you are definitely smarter than them.