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Jessie Ware’s “Wildest Moments”

jessie wareThis week’s free single from iTunes is “Wildest Moments” by Jessie Ware and let me just start off by saying that the beginning to this song is really strange but really gets pretty good after the first 30 seconds.

This song is pretty good, Ware’s voice is really unique and I would definitely be able to know who it is if it came on the radio. It starts off like it is going to be extremely loud and abusive but it gets better and calms down well. Ware is a really unique, talented, indie artist. I like this song because of her soothing tone, but the lyrics bother me a bit.

She repeats “these could be the wildest moments” over and over; I’m not talking just a few times in a row. I counted and the longest run of these lyrics was 12.

I knew that I liked Ware’s voice so I listened to her full studio album and can say that it is pretty enjoyable, just “Wildest Moments” is not the greatest representation of her.

I definitely recommend Ware’s music and give this free single from iTunes 4/5 stars.