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Trip to France Planned for Students

Photo by Abigail Goertzen
Photo by Abigail Goertzen

A trip to France is imminent for certain students walking the halls of South, and one of them could be you. Summer of 2014 is when this trip has been organized by Mrs. Shannon, and includes locations such as Paris, Lyon, Riviera, Monaco, Provence and a plethora of others.

There was a meeting on Feb. 7 for students interested in coming and there will be another for participants, but all students are “welcome to come” said Phyllis Shannon, french teacher at South.

“People are more optimistic for the economy, and this year we have bigger class sizes,” said Shannon in regards to the amount of students she expects will attend.

Pricing is around $5,000 as of right now, and the sooner applications are submitted, the better. Because of market fluctuations, no price can be set in stone, but when it is, your price is guaranteed, according to Shannon.

There will be a set itinerary to embark in, as well as time to separate from the group and become completely immersed in and far more comfortable with the culture of France.

“We will say, OK, now today is a free day,” said Shannon “and they are on their own.”

She said there are certain guidelines the students will need to follow. All participants are reminded that this trip is in no way affiliated with the school or the district, but all school rules still apply.

“ [I would like to visit] The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, anything would do, I just want to have fun,” said Alyssa Frazier, sophomore. “My family is from there, and I like the culture and the language.”

There are multiple benefits of travelling abroad.

“Probably learning acceptance and tolerance,” says Shannon, “just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s bad.”

If you would like more information on the trip, visit or contact Madame Shannon at