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Singing to State

Photo by Gabby Kessler
Photo by Gabby Kessler

The 2013 District Solo and Small Ensemble Festival for Choir was held last weekend in Liberty. According to Elizabeth Brockhoff, choir, 29 of the 56 students from South who competed received a Division 1 (Superior) rating. All 56 of these South students competed in a solo, a small ensemble or both. The 29 students who received a Division 1 will now advance to the State festival at the University of Missouri on April 26.

“I was expecting a l0t [more] people to get 1s and they didn’t,” said Phillip Anderson, junior.

Out of those 29 students with Superior ratings: 11 were seniors, 12 were juniors, 12 were sophomores and 4 were freshman. Rachel McMillan was one of those 11 seniors. McMillan has gotten a Division 1 rating for her past three years of high school and has high hopes for her senior year.

“I was determined to go to state, it’s my senior year and I’ve been every year…if I didn’t go my senior year, I’d be very disappointed,” said McMillan.

Whether they are competing in a solo piece or competing along side a small ensemble, South singers entered various classrooms around Liberty high school last Friday. In each classroom, the singer(s) would sing their piece alongside South’s accompanist, Mrs. Hunt, their District’s judge and various audience members.

“I hope I do a lot better [at State] than I did with my solo, I hope to at least get a 2 and a 1 would be awesome,” said Anderson.

South students start rehearsals this week in preparation for State on April 26. Singers each have different methods on how they plan to rehearse for the upcoming state competition. However, all South choir members unanimously plan to practice repeatedly.

“I’m going to rehearse each of my songs each day and be very diligent and focused for state,” said Anderson.

However, there is more than simply singing that goes into rehearsal for State.

“There’s a lot of voice stuff that goes with it…not all about sound…technique, breathing style, how you interpret words, and if you’re even clear. They base if off of more than just how it sounds.”

With 32 days left until State, South singers plan to celebrate their Districts victory and hope to succeed at State as well.