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Raise Your Grade

Looking for some easy tips on how to raise your grade maybe even just a few percentage points? You’re in the right place! Listed below are some simple tips on ways to raise a grade quickly!

1. Ask for extra credit, it never hurts to ask you might actually be suprised by the answer!

2. Look for missing assignments that you can turn in from maybe you were absent or forgot to turn them in, do them & turn them in.

3. Check powerschool for errors the teacher could have made. Teachers put in grades quickly and chances are they could have made a mistake!

4. Check when the next test or big assignment is that you will be doing and prepare however you need to.

5. ORGANIZATION! get your binder or folder for that class orginazed, chances are if youre more orginzed you will be more motivated to work harder!

6. Take plenty of notes in the class, the more the better, review them nightly even if you dont have other homework in that class.

7. Go in before or after school and talk to the teacher, reviewing things you might need help on or just going over the homework or the lesson from the day before.

8. Get a tudor!

9. Go to the lesson you are on in the book and do extra problems for extra practice, it will pay off in the long run!

10. Do homework nightly and STUDY STUDY STUDY for the tests!


Best of luck!