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South Students are ready for Spring Break

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Students can’t wait to get out of school for summer break, but that’s not the only thing students are excited for. Spring break is the time where families want to get out of the cold weather in Missouri and go somewhere else.

Some students enjoy hitting the slopes and skiing in Colorado. Sophomores, Allen Hyatt and Jake Ditto, are going to Colorado with their families for spring break. They are leaving on March 11 and driving 13 hours to Breckenridge, Colorado. Their parents will be accompanying them on their way.

Ditto said, “We usually go snowboarding, not really much skiing”.

 Spring Break to girls is a getaway to an island or resort somewhere by the beach or going on vacation with a friend. Hannah Fasbender, sophomore, is going to the Bahamas right after school on Thursday. She is taking a plane down with her family.

Fasbender is so excited to get out of Missouri and she said she loves, “laying out by the beach and drinking pina coladas”. She is staying there for a week and the Hilton Hotel.

Junior Mallory Moxham is taking her friend Nikki Kluge, junior, to Texas with her.

Moxham said, “It might not be an island, but it’s better than being in Missouri”.

They are flying down on a plane and stay with Moxham’s aunt for a week. They are planning on going to the beach, visiting family, and looking at colleges down in Texas.

Sometimes Spring Break can not be too fun. Junior, Kylie Hoffman, is going with her parents to go take college visits. She is planning on going to Northwest in Maryville and The University of Missouri in Columbia.

These schools are her top colleges and she said, “I just want to see what my options are”.

On the way down to MU, Hoffman is stopping at her grandparents house and sleeping there over night. Even though spending Spring Break looking at colleges might not be fun, at least she gets to see her grandparents.

Park Hill South students are ready for it to be March 7.