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Movie Madness: Upset City

Well folks. I’ve let you down. My job here at the View is to accurately predict Oscar winners. This year, I have failed to do so. I was a dreadful 11/24 on my picks. That is an awful ratio, and one that makes me proud in no way. Although there were many upsets, I should have seen how big Argo and Life of Pi had gotten. I’ll try much harder next year, and I vow never to let my readers down this badly again. Here are some of the night’s more memorable moments, and some of my observations.

The Good


1)      Seth McFarlane did a decent job hosting. Nothing very bad, and there were some pretty decent parts. “We saw your boobs” was one of the highlights.

2)      The tribute to James Bond was fantastic. Loved seeing that.

3)      Adele was also great. Hate her personality, but love that voice.

4)      I did a pretty good job predicting acting awards. One of my only highlights.

5)      Christoph Waltz one best actor in a supporting role. He’s my favorite character actor in Hollywood. Well deserved.

6)      Ted made a guest appearance. I enjoyed that.

7)      I was very happy with my animated film predictions. Got both those right.

8)      Congrats to Daniel Day Lewis. Great role for him, and one of the best performances in recent years.

9)      Ditto Jennifer Lawrence. Nice trip by the way.

The Bad

1)      Hate that Anne Hathaway won. Terrible actress and an overvalued performance.

2)      Didn’t like seeing Ang Lee beat out Spielberg for director. I know Spielberg has a bunch of Oscars, but he also made a better film.

3)      Skyfall definitely should have won cinematography.

4)      I didn’t understand why Michelle Obama presented best picture. What’s the point of that?

Overall, the Oscars had a lot more positives then negatives. The show was fun, but I had terrible predictions. It was a night of mixed results and also one of upsets.