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Fun Refuge for Off-Season Athletes

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Winter is an interesting time for many athletes. For football, soccer, swim, volleyball, and others their normal seasons are over; they don’t play any winter sports, but they still want to feed their competitive side. The KC Soccer Dome provides a place to compete.

KC Soccer Dome in North Kansas City, Mo. allows anyone who pays to join an indoor soccer league and provides a field. They have two sessions each winter, so two different leagues are given a chance to play. South students alone made up about half of the session one.

Carson Cavitt-Wells (freshman) lead the KC Milan Red Devils to a 5-2-1 finish. This record was good enough for them to tie for second place in the league. The team that the Red Devils tied for second was the same team that they got their only tie of the season against, Balls Deep FC. No other South student played for KC Milan.

“It was an honor to able to compete against the stacked roster of Balls Deep FC. It was really fun to play a team full of friends that go to PHS. We knew we didn’t stand a chance though, we were lucky to walk away with a tie and only one loss”, said Cavitt-Wells.

Balls Deep had a full roster of South students (both juniors and seniors). The football club consisted of Ty Seiwert, McKade Hermansen, Austin Dorrell, Matt Gillespie and many others.

This team was completely student created and organized. Balls Deep’s creator/ manager was McKade Hermansen.

“I was responsible for creating the budget, making sure all players paid, designing and ordering the team shirts, and making sure the team had a coach and the right players for each game”, said Hermansen (sophomore).

“The number of skilled subs we had really helped us out when there were games that not all of the players could attend”, said Seiwert (sophomore).

BDFC had just as many subs from South as they did players, all subs were upper classman. Some noteworthy subs include Daniel Herrejon, The Nick Smith, the Weatherlys’, Avery Booth, and many others.

Balls Deep ended their season at 5-2-1, tying KC Milan for second in the league.

The last team with any South players is the Harambe Pumas. This team consisted of only freshman and sophomores. Players include Cole Franklin, Kyle Brewster, and others.

The Harambe Pumas ended their season with one win and placed last in league standings.

Even though this season is over many players, that are not going to college, say they plan on playing indoor soccer again next year and even next session, as long as they can afford it.

All game take place at the KC Soccer Dome on Equitable Road in Kansas City, Mo. All information, including playing in a league, can be found at