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Dennis the Menace

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Former professional basketball stars who have big egos may be acceptable in the United States, but taking them to North Korea is another story.As many people know, former Chicago Bulls Dennis Rodman traveled to North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters. While there, he met with their dictator Kim Jong Un and sat court side with him at a Globetrotter game. The United States and North Korea are currently fighting because of Korea’s controversial nuclear testing.

When Rodman returned, he met with ABC to talk about his trip. He described Kim as “an awesome guy” who “didn’t want war”.  He also brought a message from Kim to President Obama: “Call me”.

In my opinion, Rodman made a bonehead move by doing this. Rodman was tired of not being a leading headline, so he went to one of our country’s biggest enemies to make the newspaper once again. When he was in the NBA, he was known for his bizarre antics. He had many tattoos and piercings all over his body, and dyed his hair crazy colors. But this move could top them all.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure Rodman thought he was doing the right thing by playing mediator between two bickering countries, but he went about it the wrong way. There’s a people whose job is to deal with foreign policy: that man is Obama. Obama grew up in Chicago as a Bulls fan, so maybe he will let this one slide for this Bulls legend. But he should leave this one to the professionals.