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Storm Q

 The thrill of questioning whether we will have school or not on a day with extreme weather usually waits until the morning of.  But for this coming Thursday (2/21/13), there has already been hype about not having school.  News stations are calling for 6-12 inches of snow on Thursday.  They are calling this winter storm, ‘Storm Q’.

Some teachers in classes, have already planned on not having school on Thursday.  There is even some teachers planning on school not being in session on Friday either.  But the teachers have mixed emotions on the snow days.  Some like the extra days off and some just want to get work done when it’s been planned.

Students on the other hand are very excited about the snow days; especially seniors.  “I love snow days.  My favorite part is waking up to the text from the Park Hill School District and being able to fall back asleep” says Senior, Caroline Chambers.  Seniors do not have to make up the snow days so that is another reason why they are so exstatic about storm Q.

There has already been cancellations in events and plans for this Thursday also.  “My soccer coach called me and told me that we were not going to have practice on Thursday because of the weather” said Freshmen, Mayleigh Oder.  For events planned at the school on Thursday night, administration is already coming up with alternate plans.

It seems as if everyone is betting on a snow day as a result from Storm Q.  And if what is predicted does not come true..there will be some disappointed people.  So we will just wait and see what Storm Q has for us on Thursday!