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Different Forms of Writing, Part Two

photo by Elie Quiroz

Hello again, little wizards. The writing continues as it should and we are continuing with what I talked about in the last blog. This time our three topics are lists, autobiography, and of course, opinions.

Lists, you’ve heard of them right? You know that thing you do before you go grocery shopping or when you write down songs you want to download. They are definitely a form of writing. Simple at most but you can still be creative with it. Think of fun ways of writing lists, like use more outrages of difficult words to spread you vocabulary. This totally helps with your story writing.

I’m sure you have tried to write or were forced to write an autobiography at one point or another. And I’m sure you had to somewhat enjoyed it right? I know I did. An autobiography by definition is an account of the life of a person, written by that person. It’s obvious that it is a form of writing but not a lot of people do it. It is always nice to recount old events that you never really thought about before and put it all down on paper the way you remember it.

And the last one for today is opinions. Opinions, what is that? Opinions are stories you write with using yourself in it. Like this blog. This blog is an opinion. Someone who rights a review about something is an opinions. Opinions are also a good form of writing. If you have ever thought about writing an opinion piece maybe try your local paper or the school newspaper. Your opinion is never wrong no matter what other people say. Writing them would get you closer and closer to being a great writer.