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A Game For The Witches and Wizards

photo by:Elie Quiroz

The Harry Potter has been out for almost thirteen years and there have been so many fans of them all over the world, as well in South. It was finally started this year that South would have it’s first ever Quidditch team.

The club welcomes anyone who is willing and is every Monday in A207 after school. It is centered around the Harry Potter books and movies. Everyone who goes must be willing to have fun and work hard.

The club has recently started to train and learn the Quidditch rules. They are on the same team for now, not split into houses.

“We started [training] last week, [we are] catching, running and throwing on broomsticks.” said Trever Eiken, senior.

Quidditch is a goood sport for those who aren’t very good or aren’t really into sports.

“Quidditch is basicly a sport that nerds can play,” said Matt McCance, senior.

Even though the club probably wont have any games to be going to, because not that many schools have a Quidditich club yet, they still want more people to join in on the fun. They plan to put up fliers and get friends that they know love the Harry Potter series to get in on the fun.

“[The club] will grow more in the coming years.” said Jennifer Rogers, senior.