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A Eulogy For Alll

photo by: Elie Quiroz

A eulogy, in classical greek means “good words”, but by definition is is a speech or writing in praise of a person or thing, especially one recently dead or retired. Eulogies to me even sound a bit dreary but they are a form of writing.

Have you ever written a eulogy for yourself? It doesn’t have to be a speech for when you are dead, you can write one right now for how your life is going. Like when you passed at test or graduated high school, etc. It is a way of praising someone for doing something.

I’m sure your parents have praised you at one point or another, you could point out to them that they are giving a eulogy to them. That would be a fun conversation starter.

Now, eulogies are not poems or biographies. They are simple words spoken about someone who is or was a great person. If you have never heard of a eulogy, pick up a movie from some store, Hollywood tends to do a lot of these during the funeral scenes.

Here is what I want you to do though, I want you to go out and write a eulogy. It can be for yourself or someone else. But wait, I want you to present this to them or to yourself, so put a lot of thought into this.

This way of thinking can help you vocabulary wise as well as writing wise to be descriptive. But remember, no rhyming or anything of that sort. Just be open about your feelings and praises for them. It will take you very far.