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The Different Forms of Writing

photo by Elie Quiroz

Hello lil wizards, it’s been awhile. Today I plan to tell you ways you can write. I know it seems a bit boring and maybe you already know all of them, but there are certain situations where you can use them and maybe you can’t. Might as well get through this together, right? But don’t worry I won’t do all today. Some tommorrow.

We’ll start off with picture books. Yes it is a form of writing. Yes they are picture books but they tell a story that does include some writing involved. It is simple and sweet. Plus who doesn’t love pictures that tell a story?

Next is thank-you notes. I like thank-you notes, personally. I think you can say a lot in them with not really even trying. And they can be good practice to write other forms of cards or even letters. The smallest things can cause a big effect.

Jump rope rhymes are another form of writing. I know you probably think I’m crazy, but think about it, how could they not come about if someone hadn’t taken the time to think about it? Right? Just blew your mind didn’t I?

Only three for today, but think about it lil wizards, stories aren’t the only things you can create in your masterful minds. The next time you feel like writing try some different forms of writing. 🙂