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Odds Are In His Favor

The chances of winning on a scratch-off card are long shot, but for our very own Bryce Thompson, senior, luck was all but on his side.

On Wednesday afternoon, Thompson and his gal pal set off for a nice lunch date, but before they arrived to their destination the couple made a stop at a local gas station to buy a  $5 scratch-off card.

Thomspon, who turned 18 on December 26th, has had a recent streak of buying these cards which, in reality, normally one would have a better chance of finding a patch of four-leaf clovers than win more than a couple of bucks.

“I buy them every day,” said an excited Thompson, “I’m addicted.”

Not only has he bought them every day, but since his very first trip to buy a card, Thompson has spent in between “$110-$120” on them.

On this particular Wednesday though, Thompson had little knowledge that he would be going from in debt, to restoring not only what he has spent. Thompson realized about half way through the card, which was one of his favorite in which you scratch off words like in a crossword but can only use words that contain letters that are inside of a letter box they give you, that he was about to walk away with more than a couple ones.

“I was exuberant,” said Thompson.

At first Thompson thought he had won $5500, which would do much more than just succeed his other winnings in the past, but at the end of it all he received a little less in $1001.

“I am going to be done at least for a long while,” said Thompson.

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