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Newtown Shooter Identified

Adam Lanza has been identified as the shooter who killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Neighbors and former classmates said the 20-year-old was very bright, but also that he was socially awkward and “deeply troubled.”

On Friday morning, Lanza shot and killed his mother Nancy in the home they shared in Newtown.  He then drove her car to the elementary school, dressed in black combat gear.  The school had recently installed a security system, but Lanza broke a window at the school.  Within minutes he shot and killed 20 students between the ages of five and 10.

Then Lanza committed suicide, shooting himself.  Two semiautomatic handguns and a Bushmaster rifle were found at the scene.

Residents of Newtown  said they had noticed that the tall, pale boy was “different.”

“Adam Lanza has been a weird kid since we were five years old,” neighbor and former classmate Timothy Dalton wrote on Twitter.  “As horrible as this was, I can’t say I am surprised.”

Lanza did not like public attention and had few friends.  He liked to sit near the door of the classroom to make a quick exit, and he was a member of the high school tech club.

Former classmate Olivia DeVivo said that when teachers would call on him “it appeared physically difficult for him to speak.”

Lanza avoided having his picture in his seventh-grade yearbook, being one of seven students listed as “Camera Shy.”  He did not have online accounts on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

After 28 years of marriage, Peter and Nancy Lanza divorced in 2009 due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Their other son, Ryan Lanza, is 24 years old.  Police had initially identified Ryan Lanza as the killer when identification  belonging to him were found at the scene of the shooting.  Further investigation revealed that Adam Lanza is responsible for the shooting.