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Homestuck: The Trolls, Part 2

Now time for the other Trolls, you heard about the male ones, and now its time for the female. The female Trolls on Alternia tend to be the more dominant race. This is hinted through the idea that their is an empress, also known as the Condesce, but there is no form of emperor.

As the Trolls progress, they find out about there ancestors and some even start to follow in there footsteps. The Trolls also have a different form of communication, while the humans have Pesterchum, the Trolls have Trollian, which is able to communicate with Pesterchum as well. Now then, lets get started with the Trolls.

First on our list is Aradia Megido, who from the very beginning of when you meet her, is a ghost. Including terrible past events that incurred her dying, while talking to others she is extremely gloomy on her outlook of life, and only see’s what they are doing as pointless since it just creates a cataclysm anyway. Aradia exhibits this gloomy outlook in the way she types, which she c0nstantly displays n0 em0ti0n.

Next is Kanaya Maryam, who takes on a rather motherly role with the others, feeling as if she has to watch out for them as well as the humans, and help them out when possible. Kanaya is in charge of making sure her race stays alive and carries the last remaining means to make such possible after the session begins. Kanaya when talking to others, Makes It A Point To Talk In A Articulate And Verbose Manner.

Third is Vriska Serket, Vriska is known for being a rather mean person throughout the webcomic, being raised by a lusus that constantly required being fed, and eating people of her own race the trolls. She was forced to turn into a rather aggressive person, killing lots of trolls in order to keep herself alive. Vriska has 8 eyes like a spider, even if 7 of the pupils are in one of the eyes, and replaces the letter B and eight sounds with the number 8. 

Feferi Peixes is the next one being introduced, and this trolls a special one. With her fuschia blood she’s subject to be the next ruler of Alternia, provided she can defeat the current empress in combat. She’s rather enthusiastic about being the empress and has lots of plans. When talking to others, s)(–E s)(oar do–Es lik–E to us–E fis)( puns, as well as constantly be –Excit–Ed!

Fifth on our list of female trolls is Nepeta Leijon. Nepeta is a hunter and a shipper, and if you don’t know what shipping means, its basically taking two people, characters, or really anything, and putting them in a relationship of your choosing, canon or not. Nepeta Leijon is also a constant roleplayer, also inserting cat puns whenever pawssible and replacing double e’s with 33.

Last on the list is Terezi Pyrope. Terezi loves the law, and everything about it, making her an aspiring prosecutor. She believes solely in dealing the law where it needs dealt. Terezi is also an occasional roleplayer, and types in the form of leetspeak with all caps, making her responses in chatlogs, B3 4 L1TTL3 L1K3 TH1S, S1NC3 SH3 ONLY R3PL4C3S FOUR, ON3, 4ND THR33.

Thats all the trolls of Homestuck, if you didn’t see the first post for whatever reason, click here.