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Courtwarming is Coming

With South’s 2013 Courtwarming Dance just around the Corner, our school is filling with Spirit. Between the decorations and candy-themed spirit attire, South is ready for the Sweetheart Dance.

As you may know, the spirit days are themed with candy such as Skittles (dress in bright colors), Baby Ruth (wear your favorite sports team apparel), Nerds (this is pretty self explanatory), Almond Joy (Haiwaiian Luau day), and the classic Black and Purple Spirit Friday. Along with Spirit days, there will also be the annual Courtwarming assembly which includes a class competition of Minute-to-Win-It challenges for each grade, a boy-girl dance by the Southside Girls and several senior and junior boys, and the presentation of South’s Courtwarming Candidates.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Class Competition because I wanna know what the challenges are going to be like,” said Lizzy Jurries, senior. “I also really wanna see the boy-girl dance because I heard it’s going to be different than it usually is.”

After last year’s dance, many students are speculating whether the attendance will have increased. Due to the major changes put into place at the Homecoming dance, STUCO is hopeful that people will be more excited about the dance.

“I hope a lot of people go to the dance. I had fun at Homecoming, so I think Courtwarming will be better,” said Dede O’toole, senior. “I wish people would get more excited about our school dances, and the spirit weeks too.”

South’s spirit week is coming to an end with the assembly and the Courtwarming game, and the dance. While some students are oblivious to the important week, amny students are excited about the events to come.