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BREAKING: South on Lock Down

At about 12:15 p.m. on January 23rd, Park Hill South was placed on a school-wide lock down. Students at lunch and in the Athletic Wing were sent to the gym, while student in the Academic Wing remained in their classrooms. This lock down took place for two hours.

Riverside Police were called to investigate a “phone call reporting danger”. Dozens of police cars and at least 40 officers were on site, some guarding the entrances to the school with assault rifles. Sergeant Holland of the Riverside Police will not comment any further, nor confirm or deny any rumors about the situation.

“The person that called told us something that we took very seriously,” said district spokesperson Nicole Kirby to Fox 4  “It was enough that we needed to keep the kids in lock down and we needed to make sure that we had law enforcement there making sure they were safe.”

South students had varying opinions on the situation. Lexi Berry, freshmen, wasn’t too happy about how “the whole thing was handled”.

“Sure I’m happy that I’m missing class, but that text scarred me a lot,” Berry said.

Bradley Wright, sophomore, didn’t think too much of it, especially since the teachers and staff were “so relaxed”.

“It was awesome,” Wright said. “I got out of class for two hours, and I just got to chill with my friends.”

Those teachers and staff members had a difficult job, and Reed Hughes, senior, thinks they didn’t do that job too well.

“They were terrible. They were angry, pissed off, not explaining the situation to the students,” Hughes said. “There was 17 rows of empty seats on the other side of the gym. Why didn’t they let anyone sit over there?”

Connor Reardon, sophomore, believed they “did the best they could”, considering that they didn’t know much about the situation either.

“How else are you going to handle hundreds of students in the gym? It’s chaos,” Reardon said.

Rumors were being released all over Twitter, from claims of a bomb or a gunman in the building, to light-hearted explanations, like “A dragon in the parking lot with a sword” or “Bigfoot spotted in PHS hallways”.

Updates to this page will be made when more details come out. Stories from other area media outlets will be linked below.

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