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BREAKING: Park Hill High School Student with Firearm Apprehended

At the very end of the school day, exactly one week after Park Hill High School’s anonymous phone call about a shooter in the school, an unidentified Park Hill student warned an administrator of another student carrying a gun. The student was called down to the office, where he was searched and was found to be carrying a 22 caliber handgun, in the pocket of his coat. It contained a clip of ammo with the fire arm.

Dr. Brad Kincheloe, Park Hill High School’s principle, immediately contacted the sherrif’s department where police arrived on the scene and arrested the minor in custody of the handgun. The student did not resist the arrest. The name of the student has not been releasesd because he is under eighteen years of age, and the investigation is still on going. The student said he did not plan to use the gun at school, and the gun was being carried because of issues that were not school affiliated, according to police captain Erik Holland.

“He was not intending to use [the weapon in the school],” said Holland at a televised press conference with Dr. Kincheloe. “He was no threat to the school.”

Many Park Hill Students were unaware of this incident, and only found out about it because of the text sent out by the school district reading “Everyone safe at PHHS”.

Rachel Kuebler, sophomore, had no idea what was going on until she received the text.

“I had no idea what happened until I was home. All I heard was that some kid at our school had a gun, and the cops were there.” said Kuebler.

After both incidents, many students at both South and Park Hill ask what is to become of the districts safety policy. One student tweets, “We need to install metal detectors in the school.” while others tweet, “If they decide to not let us have backpacks because of this, I will not be happy.”

Dr. Kincheloe issued a statement regarding the safety policy saying, “the procedures we have in place are working, and they are working well. We will of course review our procedures to see if they can be improved, but at this point they seemed to have worked as they were supposed to.”

As more information is released, and the investigation continues details will be added to this breaking news story.