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The Beards are Back

    Going duck hunting, blowing stuff up, having awesome beards, being millionaires, eating great food and making duck calls all day. Who wouldn’t want to have the life of the Robertson family?

     The interesting life of the Robertson family on the show “Duck Dynasty” has swept the  nation becoming a very popular show around the nation and at South as the second season is underway.

     Duck Dynasty is about a redneck family who all have beards and like to have fun while running a very successful family business. Willie Robertson turned it  into one of the nation’s top duck call businesses and hired all his family and friends to come help and work. He also created Buck Commander and both of them have shows about them.

    Phil Robertson was an elite college quarterback drafted into the NFL but denied it to go back to Louisiana and start a duck call business to make a living. One of his sons, Willie, went to business school and then became CEO of his dad’s business, Duck Commander.

Tucker McGuire, Freshman, said he relates to the show because his family is sort of redneck and likes to go hunting and have fun just like they do.

     His favorite scene from the show was in one episode when they blow up their old duck blind with tons of dynamite.


     “The family got tired of the old blind so they thought there was no better way to get rid of it then blow up it with dynamite, basicly they blow up anything they don’t like” said McGuire.


     Si, is the Uncle of Willie and the brother of Phil. People agree Si is the funniest on the show, always cracking jokes and having an over obsession with ice tea. Tucker agrees and says Si is his favorite.


     “Si is really funny and takes like 10 minutes to say a sentence,” said McGuire.


     McGuire thinks the show is getting more popular because its really funny, and it’s different from others because they go hunting, hang with the family and blow up stuff.

       Andrew Troha, Freshman, is a big fan of the show and relates to it because he likes to go hunting and do most of the stuff they do. He thinks it is getting more popular because he hears people talking about it.

“There isn’t very many redneck shows except ‘Honey Boo Boo’,” said Troha.

Troha thinks the reason most people watch it is for Si. His favorite scene is when Si teaches his Granddaughter to drive and is going 60 mph down a 30mph road saying the sign is just a suggestion. Troha said Si is funny and says “hey” a lot in almost every sentence.

“It’s a hilarious redneck show,” said Troha. “They live in the South, hunt, and have a whole lot of fun.”

Ryan Welty, Freshmen, agrees it is a great show and informs him. He thinks it is getting more popular because he talks about it with others. Welty’s favorite character is Willie the CEO because of his “awesome beard and good business abilities.” He also says he uses Duck Commander paint and calls when he goes duck hunting with his friends.

“It’s a show different from the rest,” said Welty. He thinks its different because it’s a real life show, they blow up things, and they’re super funny.

His favorite part of the show was when Phil and Si came in for show and tell to their granddaughters school and slaughtered a duck in front of the whole class.
“Everything the family does is funny,” said Welty. “You don’t find anything else like it on TV.”

      As the word spreads about the Robertson family more and more people want to be like them. Blowing things up, growing long beards, even making some of their famous squirrel brain soup. The nation and South are in for a great season two. The Beards are Back.