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Merry Music

Christmas time is a time for family, friends, cheer and of course – Christmas music!  Pandora allows people to choose their favorite genre of Christmas music and picks other songs that fit into that category, creating an almost personalized radio station.

While some people think Christmas music can get annoying, these South students sure disagree.

“I am always in the Christmas spirit,” said Madi Boucher, junior.  “It puts me in a great mood.”

Boucher’s favorite Pandora station is The Polar Express station, which includes songs from the soundtrack along with other orchestra type music.

From instrumental to pop, junior Lauren Pusateri enjoys a different type of holiday music.

“I love the Justin Bieber station,” said Pusateri.  “It’s upbeat and cheerful.”  The Bieber station also includes songs by Mariah Carey and other pop artists.

Similar to Boucher, junior Keaton Murry enjoys more classic Christmas tunes.

“I like songs like Jingle Bells and The 12 Days of Christmas,” said Murry.  “Music like this makes me happy and cheery.”

Pandora is available for free as an iPhone or Android App or on

“I’m a seasonal guy; I like to get into the holidays,” said Murry.  “Tis the season.”