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Passing 10,000 words

photo by Elie Quiroz

As another day of Nano Wrimo closes in, week two of Nano is well on its way. Unfortunately this is also the time when about 30 % of Nanos will give up on Nano. Hopefully none of you are thinking to do that. That would make Maxx and I very upset.

Also this week you get to pass the 10,000 word mark. Yay! Great job everyone. Now don’t worry if you fear that your story may be becoming slow or getting a bit dull. Don’t you dare give up! If you have to, go do some research again or recharge your creative juices by reading or eating.

It will be hard and of course you’ll get cramps, but look how far you have gotten. It is great now. Just think about your prize. We know you want this.

  Little Wizards, we have faith in you. Fight! Fight! Fight!