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NFL Rookies

Robert Griffin III has been the most effective rookie offensively in the NFL this season

In my last blog I talked about the MVP and Offensive Player of the Year in my eyes up to this point in the season.  Here I am going to tell you who I think deserves Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year honors.

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington Redskins

RGIII has been just as exciting his first year in the NFL as he was at Baylor, making plays with both his arm and his legs.  Griffin has thrown for just under 2,000 yards this season and rushed for more than 500 yards through nine games.  He has thrown for eight TD’s and rushed for six while only throwing three interceptions.

In my eyes, RGIII barely gets my vote over Indianapolis Colts QB, Andrew Luck. 

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Dont’a Hightower, LB, New England Patriots

Hightower hasn’t put up huge stats in his rookie season, but he doesn’t need to.  He is nightmare for opposing offenses and they account for him on every play which is a big deal for a rookie to draw that sort of attention.  He is already a leader on a veteran based team. 

To me Hightower got this award over Melvin Ingram, LB, San Diego Chargers.