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NaNo Mania


Hello little wizards, sorry for the late update and not congratulating you for starting day one of NaNo. I would like to congratulate you for living through day one and working through day two.

Im sure on day one you all worked your fingers to the bone to make that 1667 word count so that you could make the requirement and overall just make us very happy. Know this little wizards, as this day ends things will get harder. Your brain will go into creativity overload.

Make sure you take a few hours to just relax. If you’re in school then concentrate on school work until you get home same goes if you work.  And if you need to, walk away from your story for a bit, but remember to go back to it!

 And if you don’t make it this year, there is always next year. I don’t want our little wizards to stress out or give up.  Work those fingers to the bone. Right now you have the NaNo Mania running through your veins. USE IT! But don’t overdo it.