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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Yesterday afternoon, as all the South students are leaving school driving home, a thin layer of snowflakes began falling from the sky: this school year’s first snow! Students recall their childhood rituals in order to awake the next morning to a snow day.

“Me and all my friends would turn our PJ’s inside out and put a spoon under our pillows.” said Michelle Estes, senior. “I don’t even know why we did it haha.”

Lots of students, such as Hanna Franklin and Megan Dunn, seniors, also participated in this ridiculousness as well as a lucky Snow Day Dance and Reindeer Food.

“We used to mix granola and sparkles and sprinkle it all over the yard to make the reindeer come,” said Franklin. “It was supposed to make us have a snow day or something.”

Some students had a little more out of the ordinary traditions. Carley Eslick and Dani Lake, seniors, always used to flush all the toilets in their house at the same time.

“We turned our PJ’s inside out and put a poon under our pillow like everyone, but we were weird enough to do the toilet thing too haha,” said Eslick.

While the first snow of the school year did not bring a Snow Day, South students remember their favorite rituals as kids to miss out on school.