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Indianapolis Explosion

Earlier this month, on Nov. 10, there was a massive explosion in Indianapolis that killed two people and damaged dozens of homes.  This is now an active criminal homicide investigation.  Authorities said they believe the explosion was no accident.

This evening, there was a meeting at the Southport Presbyterian Church to update the residents of the affected subdivision.  The county prosecutor, Terry Curry, said that the investigation is ongoing.

“There has been a parallel investigation…focusing on individuals who may have been responsible once accidental causes were eliminated,” said Curry.

The blast killed John and Jennifer Longworth.  Much of the attention has centered on Mark Leonard and his girlfriend, Monserrate Shirley.  They lived at a house in the center of the blast area.

John Shirley, Monserrate Shirley’s ex-husband, said that Monserrate Shirley is to blame for the explosion.  He also said that the furnace in the house was broken and had not been fixed properly.

“If I were to suspect anything, that’s where the problem was,” John Shirley said.

However, John Shirley said that he does not think that his ex-wife would have caused the explosion intentionally.

Monserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard were reportedly at a casino during the explosion.