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Homestuck: The Trolls, Part 1

So now that I’ve caught up to the series, it would seem more than one review on Homestuck is needed to cover the whole series, this review is starting at the point where you’ve met the Trolls in Homestuck, and goes over them, as a way to help those that have gotten far and are forgetting some of the things that happened during this time, as well as those who still aren’t convinced that Homestuck is worth the read (Warning, Spoilers for those who haven’t read Homestuck are within this review, if you care, then stop reading.)

You’ve gotten to the trolls, and if you’ve noticed, they type weird, the typing way of Trolls is known as using a quirk, and their are many different kinds. Trolls also have quadrants rather than simple relationships, but if you really want to find out the quadrants, I reccomend doing your own research on such.

Trolls are also known for each having their own sign which they’re given at birth, the Trolls appearing in Homestuck’s signs match the zodiac signs, but the race of Trolls signs’ aren’t limited to such. They’re race is a violent one, being taught to defend oneself and kill from birth, making them a very violent and mean race at times.

They also tend to place they’re text color, as the color of the blood, signifying they’re role on the hemospectrum, with few exceptions. So without further ado, here are the trolls.

Karkat Vantas is a constantly mean person being the only one to not have his text color the color of his blood, HIS QUIRK LOOKS A LITTLE LIKE THIS, WHERE HE EMPHASIZES ANYTHING HE CAN IN THE MEANEST WAY HE CAN, HOPING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE THE MISERABLE LIFE IT IS. Karkat is also the leader of the group, managing to keep everyone together by constantly yelling at them tell they do what he says just so they can get him to shut up.

Sollux Captor is the prophet, able to see into the future with visions twofold, which leads him to type a liittle liike thii2, where he tends two empha2iize the number two. Although Sollux constantly warns everyone they’re going to die, noone listens to him thinking he’s just a morbid person, unfortunately for them, he was right for the most part.

Gamzee Makara, the clown of the group, talking about mirthful messiahs, and drinking all the faygo he can find, Gamzee doesn’t let anything get to him, whether for better or worse, and TyPeS lIkE tHiS aLl ThE tImE, except when he goes sober, in which he STARTS typing LIKE this HONK honk HONK.

Eridan Ampora, the uptight noble of the group, having some of the highest blood, Eridan believes whole heartedly he is better than everyone else other than Feferi, and before Sgrub (the Troll version of Sburb that they play starts) constantly searches for a way to flood the world. Eridan’s quirk includes typing in a wway that makes his text seem wwavvy and will use fish puns when talking to Feferi, in an attempt to reel in her attention.

Tavros Nitram is next, the one with absolutely no self confidence, and no legs to boot. Tavros got hurt during a game of flarp, which led to him losing his legs, and tENDS tO uHH nOT bE tOO cONFIDENT wHEN hE tYPES… yEAH.

And the final guy Troll of the group, Equius Zahhak, the incredibly STRONG Troll, who dislikes those who have a lower blood color (but does not despise like Eridan). D –> His typing quirk looks like this in which constantly displays a bow shooting an arrow before his text.

In the next part I’ll be doing the six female trolls and they’re quirks, as well as place more basic information on them, hope this has helped.