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Gotta Make It To 20,000

photo by: Elie Quiroz

Day 12 is here and that means… 20,000 words by midnight. That is a very tall order for me considering that I am 5,000 words behind. Yes I know, I should be keeping up and working hard. And believe me, I’ve been trying. But I can’t help the writers block I got yesterday…

But I don’t want discourage you, little wizards. Keep up the work and write your souls out. Tonight I will do my best to make it to the goal set for us. If you have to go back and read some of our older post to get your blood going and your brain pumping. Also don’t forget that notebook. It has worked so well for me and I hope it has worked for you too.

And if you have to, put in those headphones, blast your favorite song and ignore the world for a few hours. I’m sure there will be another soccer game for your little brother or sister and I’m sure your parents will understand if you miss family time. This is something you committed to and it must go on!

Don’t give up little wizards! Maybe one day this story will be on bookshelves and inspire others to write literary masterpieces because of it. But you will never know unless you just keep going!