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The Supposted Barrier Breaking Man

On Tuesday, Felix Baumgarter, a 40-something Australian daredevil, was supposed to go off in a balloon type rocket to space where then he would jump out of the craft and plummet to the earth. A whopping 23 miles, breaking the sound barrier in process.

Not only would this probably go into Riplilly’s Believe It or Not, but this information would be crucial to scientists on how to make a better space suits for the future. But sadly this trip did not go off well at all. On the day he was supposed to go off, early in the morning, the time was pushed back to noon then to 12:30 p.m. due to weather conditions and radio mess-haps. And after 30 minutes of waiting, it was decided that he wouldn’t go up that day. Now the day has been set back to Thursday.

Will he go up? The man who spent five years training his butt of for this. Lets also not forget about the conplacations that might go along if anything could go wrong:

  • One tiny error could result in his blood boiling and his brain exploding
  • brain bursting 
  •  eyeballs popping out

And it goes on from there.  But Baumgartner isn’t giving up. A man who spent 20 years doing extreme sports wants to comet something so crazy he could be so close to death.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.