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The Red Night

Yet another review by me, this time 11 Eyes, due to it being a horror anime (although not that scary) and Halloween being tomorrow. 11 Eyes is about a group of teenagers (big surprise huh?) that get thrown into a different dimension at random times, which they call the Red Night.

Well in the Red Night, the group are attacked by these strange monsters, but luckily, some of these teenagers have crazy powers…. what a lucky break for them. Kakeru Satsuki is the main character, and his power is premonitions, he can see the future before it happens, allowing him to dodge enemies that would have been able to hurt him and other such things.

Next is Yuka Minase, who’s power (which is realized later in the series) is to null other peoples powers. The rest of the characters also have strange and awesome powers, while they are hunted by the monsters, the most powerful of which are known as Black Knights.

So, a crazy horror land, super powered teenagers, and insane maniac killer knight monsters, all the makings of a good horror anime in my opinion, so go watch it, or not, doesn’t hurt me, only you.