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The Dead Walk Again

It is yet another anime review by Otaku Rush, and with Halloween coming up, I thought I’d do one on the darker side of things, zombies. Who doesn’t love a good zombie movie, or show, or other thing in which I haven’t put in this post due to time restraints, well I know I love zombies.

So I’m reviewing High School of the Dead. This show is about a group of teenagers that get stuck in a zombie apocalypse at their high school. Which… I don’t know about you, but I’d rather it start at my house, since that’s where my weapons are.

So Takashi Kumuro, his best friend Hisashi Igo and the girl of his dreams, Rei Miyamoto, team up during this apocalypse to get to the roof of the building, fighting through hordes of zombies with nothing but a couple of baseball bats and a pole.

As the series progresses, they meet more and more people, leave the school, and set out to find out if any of their family is alove. The series currently only has one season, but I believe a season 2 is to be released at some point.