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South Swimming Takes on Trojans

photo by Shelby Cooper

Swimming in a straight line, flipping in the water, and swimming back in another line may not sound like fun to most people,  but the athletes on one of South’s most underrated and underappreciated sports teams do this for multiple hours a day.

South Swimming has won conference almost every year since the creation of Park Hill South, and they have no plans to stop that run this year.

For Jake Little, senior, the boy’s swim team has been more successful than he could have imagined.

“We have been doing pretty well this year,” Little said. “We are missing a lot of swimmers from last year’s State team, but we have done well without them.”

But for this match up  what happened previously in the season doesn’t matter. The rivalry is what is on the mind of South swimmers. They face they district rivals on Tuesday at the Park Hill Aquatic Center.

Caleb Siebert, is confident in his team’s ability this Tuesday. Siebert thinks his team has “the win locked up”.

“We have some great swimmers,” Siebert said.

Siebert said that “winning most of the relays is the key to success”, since relays are worth the most points.

In addition to it being a rivalry duel, it is also Senior Night for the Panthers. However, Little says that he won’t let that affect his swimming.

“If anything, it will motivate me to swim even harder,” Little said.

With bragging rights on the line, look for the Panthers, especially the seniors, to swim past the Trojans.