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Quarterback Quarrel

Quarterbacks Matt Cassel (left) and Brady Quinn

On Sunday afternoon, I sat down on the couch in my basement and turned on the TV to watch my beloved Chiefs play the hated Raiders. Even though the Chiefs are off to a 1-5 start, I still had faith and belief in my team. However, once I saw that Matt Cassel had gave the ball to the opposing team for the 17th time of the season in less than 6 games, and Brady Quinn has thrown his third interception in just over a game and a half,  I didn’t know what to think anymore. That situation has arrived for nearly every Chiefs fan.

The Chiefs would go on to lose that game and extend their four game losing streak to a record of 1-6. That team has still no led for a single second in any of their seven games, a ‘feat’ that hasn’t been done since 1940. Although some fans want to blame head coach Romeo Crennel or general manager Scott Pioli (who deserve some of the blame), they aren’t the ones on the field performing. The blame falls on quarterbacks Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn.

But which quarterback should start for the Chiefs? Both would be backups (or maybe 3rd strings) on nearly every other team in the NFL, but both were given the opportunity to start games in Kansas City this season. Let’s look at the stats. To sum it up, both are awful. Matt Cassel has a quarterback rating of 69.0, which is the worst in the NFL for a starter, but Brady Quinn is even worse with a rating of 43.1 . Through his five starts, Cassel had thrown nine interceptions, while Quinn has thrown three in two starts. Choosing a quarterback out of these two would be like choosing to kiss your brother or your sister: you don’t want to go with either.

So the only leaves one option left. That’s right, former Hawkeye Ricky Stanzi should get an opportunity to prove his worth in an NFL game for the first time. Although he was a fifth round pick, Tom Brady was drafted in the fifth round out of a Big 10 school. After a strong training camp, its finally time for Stanzi to get his shot.

But Stanzi isn’t a long term quarterback option. But there is one out there waiting for the Chiefs (and no, it is NOT Tim Tebow). San Francisco backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick may not be on the trading block at this time, but the Chiefs have until Thursday afternoon to make a blockbuster trade for him. Although many are wondering why the Chiefs would even consider trading for an unproven, back-up quarterback, this kid in San Fran has tons of potential. He’s fast on his feet, and he knows the game of football better than any QB in KC. Sending Matt Cassel and a 2nd round draft pick to the 49ers would give San Fran a backup and an extra player next year, while the Chiefs would have their quarterback of the future.

So get on to it Scott Pioli. Give me and thousands of other Chiefs fan a reason to be happy when we turn on that TV to watch those Kansas City Chiefs.