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Pitch Perfect Review

If you are into fantastic singing performances, love stories and laughing so hard your abs hurt, then “Pitch Perfect” is the chick-flick for you.

Anna Kendrick from “Twilight” plays Beca, a college freshman who dreams of becoming a DJ in Los Angeles. She spends most of her time alone in her dorm, until her father persuades her into becoming more involved with her school. Beca joins the college’s female A Capella group, the Barden Bellas, to fulfill her father’s wishes.

The Barden Bellas travel across the country for competitions. Their biggest rival is the all male group from their own school, the Treble Makers. The two groups do not get along, and the Bellas make an oath to never have a romantic relationship with anyone from the Treble Makers. But this doesn’t stop Beca from getting close with Jesse, one of the singers.

Love story aside, this movie is aboslutely hilarious. The biggest contributor is definitely Rebel Wilson, who played Annie’s roommate in “Bridesmaids.” In fact, “Pitch Perfect” is just as funny as “Bridesmaids,” if not funnier. Wilson and the rest of the cast had me cracking up for almost a full two hours.

“Pitch Perfect” definitely deserves five stars; I have absolutely no complaints. I recommend this movie to anyone who loved “Bridesmaids” and is looking for a good laugh.