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Movie Madness: The Five Best Pixar Movies

It’s no secret that Pixar is the greatest animation company on Earth. In terms of quality, visuals, stories, and voice acting, they are head and shoulder above the rest. Here’s my look at the five best.

1)      Toy Story 1995– In all honesty, everyone knows Toy Story has to be at the top of any list when it comes to animation films. The film is not visually amazing now, but going back to its release date they were top notch. It has more heart and soul than any film I have ever seen. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen give some of their best work. The relationship between the Sherriff and the space ranger is so much fun to watch. There is a vibrant cast of characters that work off each other and provide a great supporting cast.  I remember coming home from school when I was in kindergarten and playing with Woody and Buzz toys all day long. Not only did it have a huge influence on my childhood, but it also brings me joy to watch today. Perhaps some of it is nostalgia, but I really don’t care. I love this film for so many different reasons, and it would be a crime if it wasn’t number one.

2)      Ratatouille, 2007– Ratatouille is truly astounding. And if you haven’t seen it than stop reading this immediately and go watch it. The story of a rat who aspires to be a big time chef in Paris just gets to me. There are so many great performances starting with Patton Oswalt. He brings so much life and character into Remy. There is talent in the cast everywhere you look. The film also is visually one of Pixar’s bests. The city of lights is portrayed as a heaven to Remy and the audience. The animation does not get any better, and in terms of story, wow. The message is one that gets me every time. “Not anyone can be a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” I love it.  

3)      Toy Story 3, 2010– A second appearance on the list from the franchise, the best series ever created. There is an emotional film, one with themes of failure, letdown, and loneliness. It drives deep down into our emotions and shows us what becomes of the toys we loved as kids. The film is great for children and adults. Lots of colorful animations, and great characters for the kids, and lots of different themes that appeal to adults. This is truly the best finishes you could have asked for from a series.

4)      Monster’s Inc., 2001– Another childhood favorite. Billy Crystal and John Goodman are absolutely fantastic. They create two of the most beloved characters in all of film history. As all of Pixar movies have, a great villain is provided here. There are so many outstanding characters in this film. The story is truly one of a kind; vibrant colors, brilliant voice acting, and great animation make one of the best animation films in history.

5)      Toy Story 2, 1999– The last on the list, and the second of the trilogy. Toy story again proves to be an amazing franchise. When you have Woody, Buzz, and company it is hard to fail. We are introduced to new heroes, villains, and a whole group of great characters. The story is perhaps the best in the series. It is basically the first in the series but a bigger operation. An outstanding film and one of Pixar’s best.

That’s all I’ve got this time on Movie Madness. Stay posted for any updates, and keep reading at PHS view. See you later this week.