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Kicking Off

While you enjoy your Halloween, just remember that this is your last day of freedom. Tomorrow is the beginning of NaNo and you’re going to be stuck sitting by your computer for hours at a time, possibly sobbing about how hard the challenge actually is. You’re going to be all curled up in your blanket, rocking back and forth in the fetal position when it hits you that you’re 5,000 or so words behind and its only the first week of NaNo.

Okay, so maybe I’m over exaggerating just a tad. Or more than a tad. You should actually be super excited for tomorrow to come around! I mean, who wouldn’t be excited for 30 days and nights of literary abandon? So, to kick it off, do something exciting tonight! It will get your creative juices flowing and maybe even inspire you a bit.

As for me, I’m going trick-or-treating (oh gosh, I’m such a nerd) and then I’m going to go home and watch some Tim Burton films. This happens to be the way that I always kick off NaNo. Candy collecting to keep my sugar levels high through out the month of November, and a bit of Tim Burton to get my creative juices a flowin’.

But, there’s so many other things that people do to kick it off. Going to parties and hanging out with friends are other good ideas. It will give you some new, possibly exciting, things to write about.

Just remember: have fun no matter what you do! Start November off right and get in a great mood to write.

Maxx is out, Little Wizards! See you during NaNo.