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iPad Mini Possible Arrival

                                                 Apple is holding another event in San Jose, Calif. today, sending out an invitation with the phrase “We’ve Got a Little More to Show You” leading people to believe this is teasing the release of the much anticipated iPad Mini.

The most recent version of the iPad is 10-inches as the iPad mini is expected to be 7-inches. CNN has a quote from the late Steve Jobs on his thoughts of smaller tablets.

 “[Smaller tablets are] too big to compete with a smart-phone and too small to compete with an iPad,” said Jobs.

Also, what we might see at the event today is an updated version of the iPad with the Lightning Port. Something to be unsure of is the lower price for the smaller iPad, and if the current iPad’s price will change. With the price of the Amazon Kindle Fire beginning in the low 200’s it is expected that the iPad Mini could go for more because of the “top-notch” quality.

Stay tuned to see the advancement in technology coming from Apple in San Jose today.