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“Fall Around” by Smoke and Jackal

This week’s free single is “Fall Around” by Smoke and Jackal. This song is one of the most unique songs I have ever heard. It is like all genres of music mixed together.

The thing that I have heard that this is closest this song is Lana Del Rey. Smoke and Jackal is basically the heavy, male voice version of Lana Del Rey.

I love Lana Del Rey but I am not sure that I love this song. It is fun while it lasted but it’s not something I will go back to a couple weeks from now. Unlike Lana Del Rey it isn’t a song that gets stuck in my head.

It’s a pretty good song, and there are people that will love it, but I know that there will be people that will hate it.

It might sound weird but this song is weirder than Lana Del Rey, and at least Lana Del Rey has meaning behind her lyrics. Smoke and Jackal mostly repeat the phrase “Fall Around” for this entire song, and by the end it was starting to get on my nerves.

This song is okay, it is not the best, but it is . So, I give it three out of five stars.