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Arizona Cardinals: Legit or Not?

The Arizona Cardinals have taken the entire league by surprise, starting off the season 4-0.  They have beaten good teams and had convincing wins early in the season. 

They started off the season beating the Seahawks, giving them the only loss of their season so far.  Then, the Cardinals went to New England and with the help of a Stephen Gostkowski missed field goal, defeated one of the best teams in the league over recent years.  A week later, the Eagles went west to take on the Cardinals, but really stood no chance the entire game.  The Cardinals beat the formerly undefeated Eagles by 21.  Finally, this past week, they ended up getting a W against the Miami Dolphins, who aren’t very good, but had over 400 yds passing in that game.

Even with their 4-0 start, wins over a couple of good teams and proving they can win close games, I still do not think the Cardinals have a real shot at doing anything in the playoffs.  They don’t have enough offensive fire power to keep winning like this all season and their running game definitely is not good enough to win them games late in the playoffs.  Also, I still don’t know if I trust the QB situation in Arizona and I think they need to do a better job of getting the ball to Larry Fitzgerald.  Finally, if they give up over 400 yds passing to Ryan Tannehill, Miami’s rookie QB, they are in trouble.  Not only is Tannehill young, he is not even one of the best rookie QB’s in the league this year and the Dolphins don’t have any consistent, big-time receivers.  Yes, I know Brian Hartline had a big game, but he’s not big-time all the time.

Even with all the personal and statistical things that make me doubt the Cardinals, they have gotten lucky twice, maybe even three times.  They definitely should have lost to the Patriots because Stephen Gostkowski, one of the best kickers in league, missed a game-winning field goal.  Also, they scored with under a minute left to take the game against the Dolphins to overtime, so it easily could have been their first loss of the season.  Finally, in the season opener, the Seahawks had a chance to win the game as they had the ball in the red zone under a minute and just weren’t able to execute.

I think the Cardinals will have a successful season and have a chance at making the playoffs, but I don’t think they can beat the 49ers, in their own division, and I think the Seahawks, also in their division, are just as good if not a little better.

So I see the Cardinals having a competitive season all the way through and having a chance at the playoffs late in the season.  But, there is no way I see this team making a Super Bowl run.

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