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Trouble by Jose James

Trouble by Jose James sucks. It sounds like a bad Rand B song brought back from the 90s. I really wish it would have just stayed there. Although it is catchy and can stay in your head, you don’t really want it to.

Jose James’ lyrics are so boring I can’t stand to listen to them to find out what they are. I am sure there are a ton of people that say they love this song. They have their opinion, but they are wrong. I hate this song so much I am going to delete it from my phone once I am done writing this blog.

But on the brighter side with the release of the iOS 6 Apple wheeled out the release of a free app of the week from the App Store, and heck if I like an app I’ll review it for sure. This week the new free app of the week is called Albert created by Fingerlab. Albert is just a normal guy you help get through his day. You do everything from waking him up, helping with his breakfast, and water his plants.

So a quick recap. Download the app, Albert. But, do not download the song Trouble by Jose James.