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South’s Got Spirit

South fans cheer at the first home football game of the year. Photo by Laiya Smith

Football, soccer, volleyball…. school sports whose stadium’s are packed almost every home game, and sometimes even away games. But why is fan attendance so much higher at these events than other sports? South students explain what sports are the most interesting to watch.

“I understand football,” said Michelle Estes, senior. “I make an effort to go to all the away games because I enjoy watching it when I know what’s actually happening.”

Football, which is the most attended sport at South, is not the only sport with dedicated fans. Boys’ soccer has a crowd at most home games as well.

“I try to go to all the home and away games to support my boys,” said Samantha Carpenter, senior. “It’s a lot more enjoyable to watch because I know all the players.”

With more seniors on the boys soccer team than ever, the excitement of fans increases with every victory.

“I’m way more excited about going to games this year because I’m friends with most the varsity players,” said Emmy Hanlon, senior.

Both Carpenter and Hanlon play soccer for South in the spring and hope the spirit for the boys team continues for their season.

Along with boys’ sports, girl’s volleyball also has a lot of support during their home games.

“I love watching my sister [Alex Rothers, freshman] play,” said Audrey Rothers, senior. “I usually don’t sit in the student section so I can pay more attention to the game. I love watching the team get better as the season moves on.”

Not only does South have excellent athletic teams, but even better fans. South’s got Spirit!