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Breaking the Rules of the Road

We’ve all done it: gone a little too fast on that back road when you’re in a hurry to be somewhere, rolled a stop sign or two, not exactly “slowed down” when the light turns yellow. But what happens when an out of sight cop car catches you? Students around South tell their stories on how they’ve been threatened with a ticket.

Shelby Cooper, junior,  has been pulled over by an officer a total of eight times and never been ticketed.

“Once I was going 20 over in a construction zone,” Cooper said. “The cop knew my dad so he made me call him and let me off with a warning.”

As far as areas around South, students need to be careful about driving through the City Hall parking lot. Dede O’toole, senior, was leaving school to go to sonic during collaboration and tried to take a shortcut through the parking lot by the Riverside community center.

“I didn’t want to wait in the long line at the stop sign so I tried cutting across the parking lot and a cop saw me,” explained O’toole. “He pulled me over for driving too fast, but he said he also didn’t think I really need to be in that parking lot to begin with. It was dumb.”

Another thing South students need to watch out for is curfew. Senior Hanna Walsh was pulled over in the Price Chopper parking lot her sophomore year. Not only was she out several hours past curfew, but she was exceeding the amount of passengers allowed in her car as a new driver.

“[The police car] was hiding in the parking lot of the main pool in Riss Lake and he followed me all the way to Price Chopper before he pulled me over,” said Walsh. “I was crying because I was so scared, so he just had me call my parents to come pick me up. Looking back it wasn’t a big deal, but I learned my lesson.”

Many students have been caught breaking the rules of the road, but the lucky ones avoid the fines and penalties with just a warning.