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“Shark Night” Sinks

School is back in session, and students are already struggling to find free time.  Between homework, sports and jobs it can be difficult to have time to sit down and watch a movie.  When you finally sit down, you expect the movie to be enjoyable and worth your time.  If you want to spend your time wisely, watching “Shark Night” will leave you disappointed.

Sara (Sara Paxton) takes her friends to her family’s cabin on a lake in Louisiana.  Big mistake.  The lake is salt-water, and somehow sharks have made a home there.  One by one her friends are killed by the sharks, using low quality special effects.

The character development never really develops and the plot is fuzzy.  You would think a movie with stars like Katharine McPhee (American Idol) and Joel David Moore (Avatar) would be much better than it really is.

The shark attacks are unremarkable and predictable.  This movie is more of a comedy than a horror film, since it is so cheesy and ridiculous.  Watching it with your friends might be semi-enjoyable because it is something you can make fun of.

I give “Shark Night” two out of five stars.  The film is not horrible, but it certainly lacks components such as character development, a decent plot and high quality special effects.

“Shark Night” is rated PG-13 and can be found on Netflix.