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Rachel’s Legacy Leaves Lasting Impression

Rachel's Legacy poster

Rachel's Legacy poster

“I’m going to make an impact on the world.”

Rachel Scott’s inspirational words have affected many people around the world, and the organization made in her honor came and talked to South students today.

Rachel, the first victim in the 1999 Columbine shooting, lived her life for others. In a journal found after her death, she wrote about how she would change the world through her positive actions. Now, some of her friends and family members travel the country, spreading Rachel’s positive message.

Tanner McClaran, sophomore, was surprised by the presentation.

“It was shocking to me,” McClaran said. “I wasn’t here for last year’s presentation, so I was in awe of what she went through.”

Monica Jones, senior, added that it was a “tearjerker” for her.

“It’s always sad when someone’s life ends too soon,” Jones said.

Many students left the assembly with a greater awareness of Rachel’s message.

“Everyone can make a difference everyday by just being kind,” Jones said.

Other students have decided to change the way they treat others because of Rachel.

“She really showed me to think about how I treat others,” McClaran said. “You never know what someone is going through or if they are having a bad day.”

Whether you change the way you live your life or not, everyone can take something from this assembly.

“Start everyday with a goal to make a difference in the world,” Jones said.

If you, your parents, or your friends would like to see the presentaion again, there will be a final presentation in the auditorium tonight at 7 p.m.